Runnin’ with Frogs: A Navy Memoir Pacific Book Review

Runnin’ with Frogs: A Navy Memoir Pacific Book Review

Title: Runnin’ with Frogs: A Navy Memoir
Author: George R. Worthington
Publisher: Authors Press
ISBN: 164314071X
Pages: 232
Genre: Memoir
Reviewed by: Liz Konkel

Pacific Book Review

George R. Worthington delves into a significant period in his life by sharing his experiences throughout through an inside look at the training and various assignments he received while in the Navy. Each chapter demonstrates the lessons he gained from the various tours and provides vivid details which give a deeper understanding of what it means to truly go “Runnin’ with the frogs.” Worthington weaves through these experiences by breaking them into three phases which include the early years, active duty in the U.S. Navy, and the rest of it. These are further broken down into where he went, what happened, his reactions, and what he learned through getting ready, warfare specialties, assignments in state and defense departments, and ways he’s still learning.

This stunning memoir shows step by step how “Runnin’ with frogs” became his service calling which begins with the early years of his life which he shares a rich history and family details. The early years follow his family with specific looks at his granddad and father with their careers and impact on his life setting up the eventual career Worthington followed. He weaves throughout his time spent in the Navy and deployment, his experiences during the NAZI-Fascist challenge, the Cold War, and deployment to places including the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. Part of his youth is spent delving into education which is a vital part of the memoir and everything he has learned is gathered here for others to gain the same knowledge which includes vivid accounts of his time at South Kent School, Brown, and the Naval Academy.

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